Pinterest and Unsafe Sleep

Hello everyone and Happy New Year (almost)! The Center for Child and Family Health finally joined the Pinterest bandwagon. We were so excited to show visuals for safe sleep environments and unsafe sleep environments. However, we are shocked that most images of nurseries have crib bumpers, blankets, stuffed animal, etc. It is terrible. We … Continue reading

Magnets Don’t Always Attract.

Reading over tweets, blogs posts, news stories, and Facebook status can be a lot. However when almost all of these social media medians have been covered by one issue you know it is important. If we are reading if, we are sure you have at least heard about it. Magnet Toys. Know these things?   These things … Continue reading


Stress. When we think of it certain situations pop into our brain. Work. Deadlines. School. Activities. Sports. It is a lot. Now let’s picture a kid. The summer is a fun and also busy time. Sometimes it does not feel like a vacation at all. With Swim lessons, dance class, baseball, hockey, family vacation, summer … Continue reading

Firework Safety on THE Summer Night

Picture in your head for me your ideal 4th of July. The grass is soft and green; a light breeze is blowing through the air on a 75 degree day. The smell of the charcoal grill perfumes and intoxicates you with its rich scents. The sounds of laughter and chatter from your friends seem to be heard for miles. … Continue reading

Summer Fun and Father’s Day

It is Father’s Day weekend, and from the weather report it is shaping up to be a great one! In a day that is dedicated to Dad’s, odds are you will be outside doing something fun! Do you have any Traditions on Father’s Day? Golf? Beach? Etc. With whatever you are doing make sure you … Continue reading

Safe Sleep Pictures. Your Thoughts?

As I was scrolling through our Facebook news feed I noticed this picture on PAUSE (Parent Against Unsafe Sleep Environments). They are a great page to follow FYI! Anyway, they were not happy with this particular safe sleep campaign. It got me thinking. How far is too far? I am all for safe sleep campaigns such … Continue reading

We’re Back!

Hello everyone! It is good to be back.  After being pushed to the side for a while we decided that it was time to bring the blog back to the forefront. If you noticed we changed our name: Center for Child and Family Health We also Changed our twitter: @CCFH_MPHI AND our Facebook: With … Continue reading

Household Poison Prevention. What you need to know.

Household Poisons. They could be anything in your house, and if you don’t know what to do or how to store them; it could be a huge risk to your little baby. So read these great tips! Store potentially poisonous household products and medications locked out of your child’s sight and reach. Read labels to … Continue reading

Burn Awareness Week!

It’s burn awareness week! Today we will be featuring a blog post from Safe Kids USA: As a parent, I always considered myself to be very cautious when it came to preventing burns, especially when my daughter was younger.  I made sure I always tested her food and drink temperatures before I gave them to … Continue reading

Safe Sleep Quiz Answers!

If you don’t follow our tweets here are the answers to Tuesday’s safe sleep quiz! How many did you get right? 1. Bedsharing is bringing an infant into a sleep environment with adults/children. Roomsharing is sleeping in separate sleep areas but in the same room. 2. A baby who bed shares has a _40_ times greater … Continue reading